I’m moving house!!

This September I’m moving from my childhood home of ten years to a much bigger, more modern house near Stamford, Lincolnshire. Naturally I have been on the look out for bits and bobs to put in my new room everywhere I shop.

The first things I picked up were two matching vintage glass bottles, one big bottle and one slightly smaller; they have cute little corks in the top and I think I’m going to fill them with really colourful sweets from my local sweet shop. This will hopefully add a bit of colour my white room, and give me something to munch on at night.

Matching the ‘vintage’ theme I also brought a white jewellery pot with an owl on the top. I’m forever losing sets of earrings so the theory is this pot will now be solely for earrings, in the hope that my new room will not be the place earrings go to die.

Alongside the bottles and my owl jewellery pot, I purchased a mint green vase to go on my windowsill; similar to the bottles, it will offer some colour. I obviously want to get some flowers to go in my vase but I’m not sure which type, I was thinking lilies but comment down below your favourite flower and I will see if I like any to go in my new vase!

I picked up all of these bits and bobs from antiques shops in and around Stamford, I love the idea of having something no one else does, something aged and individual. All of these cost me less than ten pounds and I appreciate that none of you can go out and buy an exact match, but I hope I have inspired you to check out some of YOUR local antiques stores because they are so underrated yet so cheap!

Mint Vase – 75p
Large vintage bottle – £2.99
Small vintage bottle – £1.99
Owl trinket – £1.99

I will upload pictures when I move into my new house, with loads more new nick nacks, and hopefully do them more justice than that photo does 🙂


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Rimmel wake me up foundation

So many people have raved to me about this foundation and after procrastinating for months about buying this product I finally picked up a 30ml bottle in the shade classic beige. I tend to be using three or four different foundations at the same time, depending on the condition of my skin and the look I am going for, and with the recent hot weather wake me up has been the only foundation I have needed. It appears quite heavy in texture straight from the pump but when applied it has a really light and has a super smooth finish. Coverage is medium to good as it is highly pigmented with blue undertones which cancel out redness. I would recommend this for combination to sensitive skin types as I do not think spot prone, oily, or dry skin would be suited to this foundation as it can cling and highlight these areas, however moisturising before with an oil free serum reduces the tendency to cling and lengthens wear-time. This foundation also works well with the wake me up concealer (still to review), I purchased the concealer in a lighter shade (soft beige) which then doubles as a highlighter as it is not great for covering blemishes. Wake me up definitely lives up to its name as it leaves my skin with a radiant dewy finish however I do have to re-apply which can be annoying especially being a student at school, nevertheless this is still an amazing drugstore product that rivals high end brands.

Rimmel wake me up foundation: classic beige £8.99